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Cyber Security Audit Brisbane

A Web Security Audit for your Website:

Get a Cyber Security Audit report that clearly tells you whether your website is safe or whether your website needs particular things done to secure it.

You hear about all the cyberattacks happening of late – but imagine if a ransomware attack and data breach happened to your firm.

Let’s make sure it doesn’t happen at the website level. And also ensure your website is not frightening visitors off with the ‘Site Not Secure’ splash page shown from a Google search click.

After taking the simple steps outlined in our free report on website security, a cyber security audit will highlight all the details of your business website that could make it prone to a cyberattack or domain redirection.

Business reputation is also important. This means keeping your website ‘secure’, with the lock symbol (HTTPS), and free from phishing and cyber-attacks.

Don’t forget website downtime – which will affect the new business calls to your organisation. Often a cyber breach means days offline.

Website Cyber Security Brisbane

The cyber security audit includes:

  • What core, plugins and themes are up-to-date and what aren’t
  • Security scan and report
  • A website traffic check
  • Search Console check
  • Make sure your backups are running daily
  • Look for suspicious files
  • Ensure logins are limited…

… Plus other details intended to keep your website back-end safe from prying eyes.

It’s important to note the experience of the person doing your website security audit. The management at Simple Digital Agency has over 20 years of experience in delivering website solutions and reporting on security.

You only hear the tip of the iceberg about cyber attacks. The latest data breaches included Gold Coast strata management firm SSKB, where hackers infiltrated their server, stealing 200GB of data and posting ransom on the dark web. Small, medium and large business cyber attacks have been ramping up since 2022.

Stop imagining the worst and find out ASAP about your actual level of website security.

Instead of spending precious time working out which security components your site is missing, get a full list of the right actions to take – direct from the experts.

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