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Why Should You be Concerned with Website Security?

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Not only is website security needed to keep customer form details private and your website online, it’s also a must because not having good site security can mean a drop in Google rankings.

Don’t allow the dreaded “Site Not Secure” page to appear for visitors.

Secure Website Brisbane

Cyber attacks don’t just happen to large corporates like Optus but also to small businesses, schools and home offices. Surprisingly, 30,000 websites get hacked every day.

When a hacker gets in, they might commit any number of misdemeanours. If contact details are hosted therein, they can then release customer data online, leading to clients’ privacy loss and damaging your professional reputation.

Another thing they might do is disable back-end access to website users and, even more concerning, redirect your domain to questionable web pages. Your only option then is through website hosting support.

Don’t worry, you can avoid all this by reading and implementing our free report on website security.

Prevent Expensive, Malicious Attacks

Some hackers specialise in holding websites for ransom – using ransomware. Education is the top industry held for ransom. After education, retailers faced the next highest level of ransomware attacks.

In fact, every ten minutes an Australian is losing money to cybercrime. Don’t let this happen to you.

Many of the things you can do to protect your website from hacks are small fixes that only take a few minutes each. It’s these small things we teach you about in the report.

Don’t Let the Website be ‘Not Found’

Another problem with losing access to your site is website downtime. This too has an effect on business reputation that outlasts the hours the website may be offline. A new prospect searching your website who finds a blank screen (or worse) might assume you are no longer in business. This means lost opportunity and lost dollars.

WAIT… Don’t go yet!

If you want to check your WordPress security right now, since attacks have been escalating lately, please see our Cyber Security Audit offer. It’s an affordable and easy first step.